Online advanced classes

Online Advanced Encaustic Classes
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These classes can be viewed over and over again. There are 11 different techniques that you can buy for $145, so that is about $13.20 a class, or you can buy just one that interests you for $35.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Advanced encaustic techniques

We finished the 2 days advanced technique workshops yesterday, June 21.

I love how each person created their individual pieces showing their personal voices. This is something I emphasis. I share everything I know about painting in encaustic. After the lengthy demo, the workshop attendees can examine my home/studio/gallery that is filled with my paintings. I am happy to share whatever techniques, I use, but always say, "I give you the technique, now make it your own."

Note how everyone's work is completely different. When I see that, I know I have succeeded as a teacher.

We had a wonderful time making new friends, sharing our ideas and encouraging everyone's creativity.

I have another advanced technique class scheduled July 8 & 9 and then I will take a break and begin to make my on-line classes videos. I know what classes I will cover and now to challenge myself with the technical aspects.






Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Beth. this was her first time ever picking up a brush to work in any medium.




Monday, June 3, 2013

Dates for the June workshops: 

Monday and Tuesday June 17 &18, introduction to encaustic,full

Thursday and Friday, June 20 & 21 advanced techniques. full

July 8 & 9 , advanced techniques 3 spaces available

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